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Eva Chmelová - CV

Zátiší,Still Life Pohlednice z Ria, Postcard from RioStruktury (I),Structures (I) Struktury (II), Structures (II) Struktury (III),Structures (III) Kompozice, Composition

Artist profile

Letohradska 54
170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic
+420 2 33383237

Summary of Qualifications

Artistic style is characterized by the unity of contemporary expression with traditional forms and methodologies; relating personal style to both historic and modern contexts.
Work experience includes solo and group exhibits within museums / galleries at a local and international level; experience also includes professional skill in graphic design encompassing catalogs and flyers.
Achievement of a Master of Arts Degree in Fine Arts provides a fundamental knowledge in the fullness and depth of painting and drawing, art history, theory, and criticism.
highly self-motivated and dedicated professional committed to the disciplines of painting and drawing; setting oneself apart from others by emphasizing the importance of individual style and opinion.

Areas of experience

Paintings, Drawings
Tempera, Acrylic Techniques
Contemporary Expression
Graphic Design
Canvas, Paper, Wood
Classic Forms, Studies
Catalogs, Flyers
Museum, Gallery Exhibits
Theory, Criticism


Master of Arts Degree in Fine Arts
Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic
Professional Affiliations: Manes Society member (1995-present); Founding member of Tunnel (1989-1992)

Exhibit history

Seattle Gallery D, Seattle, WA (2001); New York Czech Center, New York, NY (2001); Gallery Fronta - Quiet Passion, Prague, Czech Republic (1996); I.P. Bank, Prague, Czech Republic (1994); Gallery Asteion, Tokyo, Japan (1991); Czechoslovakia Embassy, Vienna, Austria (1991); Gallery de Lara, Litomysl, Czech Republic (1991); Young Artist Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (1991).

International Group Exhibitions:
Des Salles Culturelles Du Brabant, Brussels, Belgium (1993); Salon de L'Ephemere, Paris, France (1993); Kunstlerhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany (1992); Kunstlerhaus, Dortmund, Germany (1992); IFA, Berlin, Germany (1991); Kunstmesse, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1991); Gallery CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland (1991).

Selected Group Exhibitions in Czech and Slovak Republics:
Prague Gallerie La Femme (2000-2002); Zlin Gallery Musson (2001); Prague City Center Gallery (2000); Prague Group Exhibit of Manes Society (2000); Prague Manes Socity - drawings (1996); Gallery on the Castle, Litomysl (1995); Prague Gallery Spala (1994); Prague Gallery Citadela (1992); Prague Manes Society and their Guests (1992); Gallery R, Cesky Krumlov (1992); Gallery B & M, Bratislava (1991); Dum Umeni, Opava (1991); Gallery Manes, Prague (1990); "Open Dialogue", Prague (1990); Exhibition in the Park, Prague (1989); "Salon88", Prague (1988).

in Private Collections:
Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Japan